The Screenplay

White Jade is a feature length screenplay that I originally wrote in February of 2002. It was about 80 pages. It was the first draft and I didn’t pick it up again until August-September of 2003. In 2003-2004 I poured hundreds of hours filling, editing, writing and rewriting it. And then I sat it down again. In 2005-2006 I decided to convert it into a comic book, and hired an artist to draw me the first 8 pages of this comic. I submitted these pages to two comic book companies, didn’t hear from them, and sat it down again.

In 2011 I picked it up again. My experience has been if I can’t share it with someone, or someone’s, than what’s the point… Maybe that’s not true, I admit the writing of it was an extremely fulfilling thing. But it’s not enough. At least not for me.

The process of working with this artist, which began with hiring her to draw 4 scenes from the screenplay as eye candy to any producers that I may have presented the screenplay to, to the second hiring of her for the first 8 comic book pages, is caught Here on Smack Jeeves where I posted the process/pages etc in order to get reader feedback… That was in 2006

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