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Now Available… The White Jade 8 Page Partial Comic

The Bad News: Well, sadly, I don’t know if I will be Working with The Original Artist of My White Jade Comic in the Future… I tried Contacting her earlier this Month, but she appears to be very busy.

No worries, White Jade Shall Go on…

The Good News: The 8 Page Partial Comic is Now Available to Order.

I don’t plan on making much money with this 8 Page Comic, it’s more about getting it into people’s hands to see what they think.

Once I’ve generated Enough Interest, I will look to having More Pages Drawn, and then Self Publish My First Complete Issue.

During the Time that I will be Promoting/Selling this 8 Page Partial Comic Book, I will begin the Process of Trying to Find a New Artist (Unless she becomes Available).

I’ve never wanted to let go of this Artist, because she did a Tremendous Job bringing My Vision to Life… But unfortunately, I suspect she’s just too busy at the moment. If she becomes Available when I go to get more Drawings Done, I would definitely like to use her again.

But that’s ok like I say, I shall for now Introduce people to the Story, and Try to Find a New Comic Book Artist!

If you are interested in checking out the 8 Page Comic Book you can Order it Here White Jade 8 Page Partial Comic Book for $2.95 Plus Shipping.

I’m very interested to Hear People’s Opinions of The Book, as I think they came out Quite Good.

Wish Me Luck Finding a New Artist!!

And Thank You for you Continued Belief, and Support

I Really Do Appreciate it

Nuff Said




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