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50 Days Later… The White Jade Comlet

50 Days Later… The White Jade Comlet

After 50 days of waiting, and some not so nice words to the Printing Company, I now hold 4 Copies of My First Ever Self Published Comlet, or 8 Page Partial Comic.

I have to say, they came out Amazing…

One of the reasons I’ve been so Patient with this Printing Company, is because the Quality of Their Work is Very Strong.

Coupled with Good Customer Service, I was Patient.

Until they started to Get Sloppy… And I suspect it’s the Manager or Owner that is to blame.

But, I suspect I shall Never know.

Meanwhile I’ve taken up Researching a Different Printer for This Book, so we shall see how that goes.

Now Comes the Hard Part… No, not the Marketing, which I know Full Well will be a Challenge… No, that’s not it.

Up until now, I’ve always just Hired My Artist to Draw me Work, but I’ve come to a pretty strong realization, that if I’m actually going to begin Marketing This Comic, I need to sit down and Truly Hash out the Specifics in Regards to Money, should I start to actually generate interest in this Book.

In the Past, I Hired her, and she did the Drawings. Simple enough. But if I actually start to Sell Full Blown Issues of this Comic, How will that work?

Anyway, that is the task at hand… To Set up the Financial Part of it with My Artist ahead of time… So that if I Generate Enough Interest in this Book, that we have a Lagit System in place to Cover Both of Our Asses Financially, lol

Once we have that set up, I can Begin Trying to Generate Interest in White Jade, and go from there.

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