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screenplay1So I Started Calling Screenplay Literary Agencies

As I mentioned lately, I recently started to think about my Screenplay “White Jade“, which I had started to turn into a Comic Book back in 2006… And Self Published an 8 Page Partial Comic Book of in Jan, 2012. (The Comic Book Site)

I really like the Story, and it’s just hard to see it just sitting there.

I had pursued Film Making in 2000-2003, and originally Wrote the First Draft with the plan of Writing and Selling Feature Film Screenplays, and using the funds to Produce My Own Independent Films. That was the plan anyway… But sadly I stepped away from Film Making back in 2003, because of some health issues (Which are doing good by the way), and shifted into Screenplay Writing as my Primary Focus… But after a couple years of pouring hundreds of hours…

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