8 Page First Edition Hits The Printers

After Careful Consideration, I’ve decided to Self Publish what I’m calling an 8 Page “Comlet“… A word I Created which basically means, A Partial Comic, and/or Sampler.

What this is Designed to do, is to Stir Up Interest in the Story, and Art of The White Jade Comic.

Once I begin Generating some Revenue from Writing, I will most likely Rehire Del to continue Drawing Pages for White Jade… At this Point I have The Original 8 Pages she did for me in 2006-2007, as well as The Cover for Issue #1, and Issue #2.

Back in 2007 I Submitted These Pages to Dark Horse Comics, and Antarctica Comics, to no avail…

And then Life Stepped in, and I sat White Jade down once again, along with Writing in General, until August 18th of Last Year.

At which point I started my Main Blog, The Written Word, and have created several more Blogs along the way.

Now that I have returned to Writing, and/or Creating, I decided to Pick Up White Jade where I left off, however, as Self Publishing is such a Huge Thing Now, I decided to start having what I do have Printed, as Is.

And I sent off The Pages to be Printed in Comic Book Format this afternoon, so we’ll see how they come out.

Thanks for Listening/Reading



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