“White Jade” YouTube Trailer Kickstarter Project

I just launched my First Ever Film Making related Kickstarter Project in order to Produce a “White Jade” YouTube Trailer… This will serve as a Catalyst for my up coming “White Jade” YouTube Webseries

The Written Word

kickstarter“White Jade” YouTube Trailer Kickstarter Project

I just launched my First Film Making related Kickstarter Project, to generate some money to Produce a “White Jade” YouTube Trailer.

Here’s the Link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jamesmahoney/white-jade-youtube-trailer

Check Out the Video I made for Kickstarter, and Thanks for any kind of support you can offer.


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A Rustling Has Begun Again… “White Jade” Reapproached

Legends Productions

White Jade Cover Book 1I’ve come to the determination that I will likely have to start Filming “White Jade” myself in segments, and Post them on YouTube. This story has been in my head, and on paper, since 2001. The Screenplay was finished in 2004, and I did a fairly weak attempt at finding an Agent twice. Also, I did create the 8 Page Partial Comic, which I Self Published, in 2006. I’ve always liked doing things on my own, I just had some set backs some years back that sent me off that trail. I must now return to it I feel.

Hopefully I will begin Filming the initial scenes of “White Jade” for YouTube purposes this summer.

Wish me luck.


White Jade Blog

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The Written Word

screenplay1So I Started Calling Screenplay Literary Agencies

As I mentioned lately, I recently started to think about my Screenplay “White Jade“, which I had started to turn into a Comic Book back in 2006… And Self Published an 8 Page Partial Comic Book of in Jan, 2012. (The Comic Book Site)

I really like the Story, and it’s just hard to see it just sitting there.

I had pursued Film Making in 2000-2003, and originally Wrote the First Draft with the plan of Writing and Selling Feature Film Screenplays, and using the funds to Produce My Own Independent Films. That was the plan anyway… But sadly I stepped away from Film Making back in 2003, because of some health issues (Which are doing good by the way), and shifted into Screenplay Writing as my Primary Focus… But after a couple years of pouring hundreds of hours…

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My Next Move With White Jade

cropped-cover-issue-13.jpgMy Next Move With “White Jade”

It’s been a while since I’ve Focused on My Story/Screenplay/Comic Book “White Jade”

For me, “White Jade” is a Story that is Very Important to me.

As some of you may know, I Wrote the Original 80 Page First Draft Screenplay of it way back in 2002, when I was living in Eugene Oregon.

I then sat it down for a year and a half, and picked it back up in late 2003.

From 2003-2005 I poured hundreds of hours into Editing it, and Ended up doing at least 19 Drafts.

I then sent out what are called Query Letters to Screenplay Agents, in order to get one to read my screenplay, and hopefully become my Agent. It would be at that point that it could begin to be Submitted to Companies for possible sale.

I only ended up sending out a hand full of these Query Letters, then sat it down once more… At which point I took a long hiatus from Writing.

But back in August, 2011, I started a Creative Writing Blog/Writing Journal, which lead to my pursuit of Writing Books. Since then I Self Published not only an 8 Page Partial Comic of White Jade, but I also Self Published a Poetry Book, and a Novella. And soon I will be Self Publishing My First Ever Fantasy Novel…

This is an Exciting time for me, but I’ve also slowed down on Writing Stories, while I focus on Self Publishing some work I’ve already done… And during this time, “White Jade” has made its way into my head again.

I don’t like the fact that it’s just siting there… Nothing being done with it.

And so that’s where I’m at… Trying to figure out my next move with “White Jade”.

I’ve collected a List of Agents to Submit New Query Letters to, but man I’d really prefer to choose some people to work with on it…

I admit, I am a bit perplexed at the moment… I really do want to sell the Screenplay, in hopes of seeing it finally made… Or Continue where I left off with the Comic Book… Which will entail finding a New Artist. Not that I don’t like My Original Artist, but she is Extremely Busy right now.

Thanks for Listening, any Thoughts would be Appreciated

All the Comic Book Pages can be seen on the Tabs above… And copies of the 8 Page Partial Comic Book can also be ordered.



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White Jade – Comic Video (Part 2)

Dark's Media Empire

White Jade – Comic Video (Part 2)

I just Completed Part 2 of My “White Jade” Comic Video

I actually like this one better, because I don’t talk in it, Lol

White Jade – Comic Video (Part 2)

“Naoko Explains To Detective Ben Wayne How She Attempted To Rescue Her Father

See Part 1 Here White Jade – Comic Video (Part 1)

“White Jade” is based on a Screenplay Written by James Mahoney

Directed, Edited and Produced – by James Mahoney

White Jade Comic @ White Jade Comic

Dark’s Media Empire @ Dark’s Media Empire

Art – by Del Borovic @ delborovic.com

Music – Trance Chapter 5 – Tokyo (Japanese Cyber Trance Mix) by DJ Mario Mare @ http://soundcloud.com/djmariomar/chapter-5-tokyo

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White Jade – Comic Video (Part 1)

Dark's Media Empire

I threw together a Video Version of My Comic Book/Screenplay “White Jade”

“A Young Japanese Girl Just Turned Herself In For Crimes She Didn’t Commit… It’s Now Up To Once Chicago Detective, Now Japan Detective, Ben Wayne To Prove Her Innocence

“White Jade” is based on a Screenplay Written by James Mahoney

Directed, Edited and Produced – by James Mahoney

White Jade Comic @ https://whitejadecomic.wordpress.com/

Dark’s Media Empire @ http://darksmediaempire.wordpress.com/

Art – by Del Borovic @ http://delborovic.com/

Music – by Elliot Anderson @ http://soundcloud.com/andersonelliot

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Now Available… The White Jade 8 Page Partial Comic

The Bad News: Well, sadly, I don’t know if I will be Working with The Original Artist of My White Jade Comic in the Future… I tried Contacting her earlier this Month, but she appears to be very busy.

No worries, White Jade Shall Go on…

The Good News: The 8 Page Partial Comic is Now Available to Order.

I don’t plan on making much money with this 8 Page Comic, it’s more about getting it into people’s hands to see what they think.

Once I’ve generated Enough Interest, I will look to having More Pages Drawn, and then Self Publish My First Complete Issue.

During the Time that I will be Promoting/Selling this 8 Page Partial Comic Book, I will begin the Process of Trying to Find a New Artist (Unless she becomes Available).

I’ve never wanted to let go of this Artist, because she did a Tremendous Job bringing My Vision to Life… But unfortunately, I suspect she’s just too busy at the moment. If she becomes Available when I go to get more Drawings Done, I would definitely like to use her again.

But that’s ok like I say, I shall for now Introduce people to the Story, and Try to Find a New Comic Book Artist!

If you are interested in checking out the 8 Page Comic Book you can Order it Here White Jade 8 Page Partial Comic Book for $2.95 Plus Shipping.

I’m very interested to Hear People’s Opinions of The Book, as I think they came out Quite Good.

Wish Me Luck Finding a New Artist!!

And Thank You for you Continued Belief, and Support

I Really Do Appreciate it

Nuff Said



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